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Germany / Berlin / Brothels / Caligula
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Also Known As Caligula All-Inclusive Club
Telephone Show Number
Email Contact
Open Hours
Monday11 - 4
Tuesday11 - 4
Wednesday11 - 4
Thursday11 - 4
Friday11 - 4
Saturday11 - 4
Sunday11 - 4
Address Martin-Luther-Straße 18


Besides the "normal" sex-flatrate starting from just 99.- tourists have the opportunity to enjoy table dance and sex-shows also included in the entrance fee of the brothel. To get laid in the Caligula Bordello in Berlin in Germany is very easy: There are 15-20 young escorts working in the establishment daily. The prostitutes of the bordello dance and sit at the bar of the brothel waiting to give you sexual pleasure unlimited. You can feel free to join, have a drink, keep a little chat with the Bargirl and have Sex & Drinks the whole night. Brothel opening times: Daily 11:00 to 04:00 clock the sex and erotica flat rate in the largest Berlin Vacation Club and Partytreff offers you 7 days a week unlimited sex pleasure in Berlin.


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Avoid this aweful place
Gogoberidze 19 September 2017
The girls are tired and look exhausted. The only thing good in this place is that beers are also included in the entrance fee. When you approach them and ask to go to the room, they say they have somebody "in a waiting list". This is what they do to just end the night shift since they are probably under-paid. Check for another club in Berlin.
I'm victims scam of Caligula
Kevin15 8 September 2016
I am a victim scam the hell made me pay € 90 but a small Roman girl inside, 1m50cm very racists,, denied me sex asked me to leave, she made a A conspiracy against me + it requires ! Has it made a whole speech in Romanian, on me, I finally could not take advantage, I'm out A 15h following his racist, then why the bordel, Took the € 90 as a service within is also paying otherwise. I want to be refunded or I will complain! why ??caligula service ignore my email don't answer ! It's shameful
Saddest place on earth
Keepinitreal 9 October 2015
In the first minute of being in the place I was suspicious and within the next 30 I knew I had been ripped off. 10 guys sitting around at the bar and not a girl in sight. The girls were all sad and aloof. A few pretty ones, a few half way cute, and a few not attractive. Long story short, I don't think the girls are paid well and they literately just come out for a cigarette, avoid all eye contact and looked pissed off, then take the next guy back like a factory assembly line. AVOID THIS PLACE!!!
Beautiful place 31 August 2015
It is the best recommended place.It was just amazing.We got a wonderful pleasure.We dont have a single bad word for this place.Simply amazing!!But the knowledge of English is poor.It's a major challenge in Berlin.Enjoy guys!!
Perfect experience
Kusi 16 July 2015
My experience was much better. I was on a business trip and went with my co-parter to chill a bit. We got best service from the girls we met.
Hot girls
MagicMike 2 July 2015
Girls were really hot in Caligula. I have nothing bad to say about this place. Maybe my girl was a little bit too lazy, but I had a bad choice.

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