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Template:Infobox adult biography Jeff Stryker (born Charles Casper Peyton[1] on August 21, 1962, in Carmi, Illinois, U.S.) is an American porn star who has starred in bisexual, gay, and straight adult films. He lives in California.

Early life

Jeff Stryker grew up in Springfield, where his father was a car salesman and his mother was a nurse.[2] The town was struggling economically and there was a crime wave when he was growing up, and he frequently got into fights. At age 13, his parents sent him to military school and when he got out his parents were divorced.

Pre-film career

Jeff Stryker worked as a male stripper and delivered balloon-o-grams before a local photographer sent shots of him to gay adult film director John Travis in California.[3]

Film career and sexuality

Stryker is primarily known as a performer in gay pornography films, although Jamie Loves Jeff was one of the biggest selling heterosexual adult movies of all time for its producer, Vivid Entertainment.[4] He describes himself (in a somewhat joking fashion) as sexually "universal".[5] He has also said, "I don’t define myself as anything."[6]

He also tried his hand at acting, starring in a 1989 Italian-produced horror movie called After Death (Revenge of the Zombies), in which he was credited as Chuck Peyton but later in the USA DVD release the name Jeff Stryker was used as well a trailer interview was added with Jeff current at the time describing the experience he had while shooting this movie in Manila. Jeff also starred in the short film by German cult director Rosa Von Praunheim Can I Be Your Bratwurst Please?.[7] Under character Jeff Stryker, Charles also co starred in "The Judge who loved death" starring James Brolin [8] As well as a feature titled "Dirty Love".[9]

Awards and tributes

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  • Stryker was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame for his body of work in adult films.
  • Stryker was featured in a 1991 portrait by artists Pierre et Gilles.
  • Stryker was inducted into the Hustler Porn Walk of Fame (outside the West Hollywood store and cafe) on January 15, 2004.


The “Jeff Stryker Cock and Balls,” a dildo fashioned from a cast of his penis, is widely sold in sex stores. The dildo was academically analyzed in a paper presented at the 1995 Bowling Green State University Conference in Cultural Studies: Lesbian Pornography and Transformation: Foucault, Bourdieu, and de Certeau Make Sense of the Jeff Stryker Dildo, by Mary T. Conway, then a graduate student at Temple University. The sex toy is notable not only for being popular, but also as Stryker and the manufacturer of the item litigated for the rights to its likeness as part of Stryker's "intellectual property". (The case eventually reached a mutually acceptable resolution - see Legal Battles.)[10] In a 1999 article written by Jeff Stryker, a New York journalist and the porn actor's namesake, the dildo is even described as an object of higher culture.[11] It was mentioned in Allan Gurganus' 1997 novel Plays Well with Others, where the novel's narrator cleans up a closet filled with dildos, the premium find being "a Jeff Stryker, a monster, but somehow Roman in its genial fluted civic beauty."[12]

Stryker has released a compact disc (Wild Buck) of country music that he performed, and in his pornographic video, Bigger Than Life, he performed a rock song of the same name.{{ safesubst:#invoke:Unsubst||$N=Citation needed |date=__DATE__ |$B= Template:Category handlerTemplate:Category handler[] }}

Reaction from other celebrities

  • Filmmaker and author John Waters called Jeff Stryker “the Cary Grant of porno.”[13]
  • American comedienne Margaret Cho's routines involve her love for his films. In her show, Assassin, she discusses in detail the many places one can use the dildo. Stryker had given Cho his commercially-produced action figure.[14]
  • In her autobiography, Traci Lords describes him as “handsome but rather dumb looking” after he gave her scornful looks backstage during a Century City Civic Center Thierry Mugler Fashion show.

Legal battles

Stryker later sued Health Devices Inc. and California Publishers Liquidating Corp. for over $1 million for breach of contract and piracy when they sold a bootleg dildo of his genitals without paying him sufficiently. The case was heard before a judge in Los Angeles, who eventually brokered a deal whereby the case was dismissed upon payment of $25,000 to Stryker and the return and right to reproduce all items which Stryker endorsed.[11]

In January 2009, the L.A. Weekly reported that Stryker blamed Kulak's Woodshed, a folk-music nightclub, for preventing him from completing his autobiography, as the noise and crowds disturbed his concentration. “(My writing has) been put on perpetual hold until I can get myself back together,” he told the newspaper. “I got a $25,000 advance on (the book) but could never complete it.” According to the L.A. Weekly, Paul Kulak claims that Stryker has made threats to him and the club's customers: “He constantly reminds me he’s a firearms expert and will hide behind his back door when I dump the trash. Once, he started making mechanical gun clicks. I could see he had a pistol in his hand as he was dry-firing it... I’m willing to risk my life to keep this [club] going.” Stryker responded to Kulak's claim and was quoted as saying, "That guy is so out there!"[15]

Stage shows

Stryker appeared in "A Sophisticated Evening with Jeff Stryker" in Los Angeles, Summer 2006, and also in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Summer 2007.[16] The show was produced by comedy writer Bruce Vilanch. In that show, Stryker performed a comic monologue about his life and adventures in adult films, conducted a "porn acting demo" comedy skit with an audience member, and danced in a nude finale where he greeted the audience.

Selected videography


  • Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time 2001
  • Stryker 2000 Solo Masturbation
  • Powertool: Tenth Anniversary Edition 1998
  • Jeff Stryker’s Underground 1997
  • Santa’s Cummin’! 1996 Solo Masturbation
  • J.S. Big Time 1995
  • Stryker Force 1995
  • The Tease 1994 Solo Masturbation
  • 10 Plus 1992 Solo Masturbation
  • 10 Plus Volume 2 1992 Solo Masturbation
  • Busted 1991
  • In Hot Pursuit 1991
  • Just You & Me 1990 Solo Masturbation
  • On the Rocks 1990
  • The Look 1987
  • In Hot Pursuit 1987
  • Template:Sic 2 1987
  • Bigger Than Life 1986

Heterosexual and bisexual

  • Stryker/Ryker in "RAW" (heterosexual)
  • Stryker’s Best Powerful Sex (homosexual)
  • Jamie Loves Jeff (heterosexual)
  • cummin together (heterosexual)
  • Dreaming of you (heterosexual)
  • Heiress (heterosexual)
  • Jamie Loves Jeff 2 (heterosexual)
  • cyberstud" (heterosexual)
  • strykers favorite sexual positions (heterosexual)
  • Milk and Honey (heterosexual)
  • Take Me (heterosexual)
  • How to Enlarge your Penis (Heterosexual)
  • The Rebel (heterosexual)
  • The Giant (heterosexual)
  • In Your Wildest Dreams (heterosexual)
  • The Switch is On (bisexual)
  • Every Which Way (bisexual)


  • Can I Be Your Bratwurst, please (non-porn) by Rosa von Praunheim 1999
  • How to Enlarge Your Penis 1993
  • Jeff Stryker’s Favorite Sexual Positions 1992
  • After Death AKA Zombie 4: After Death (non-porn) 1988
  • The Judge who Loved Death
  • Dirty Love

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