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Template:Use mdy dates Template:Infobox adult biography Max Hardcore (born Paul F. Little; August 10, 1956) is a male pornographic actor, producer, and director. He rose to prominence in 1992 with the film series The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore.[1] His work has been classified as gonzo pornography and described as "testing the limits of acceptability".[2] His company, Max World Entertainment, was headquartered in Altadena, California.[3]

Nature of content

Max Hardcore with frequent co-stars Layla Rivera (left) and Catalina (middle)

Max Hardcore's films generally consist of sexual acts executed by himself, with women who act like underage girls or their upset mothers,[4] with an emphasis on anal sex.[5] All of the actresses used in Little's movies are over the legal age of 18; however, they frequently dress and act in a way as to suggest that they are younger, possibly under the age of consent. In his film Max Extreme 4, an actress, Regan Star, stated during one verbal exchange that she was 12 years old; similarly, in his film Max Extreme Schoolgirls 6, actress Mya Mason stated during one verbal exchange that she was 12 years old.[6]

The sexual situations depicted in Max Hardcore's films frequently include acts such as urinating on his female co-stars, fisting them, or inserting specula into their anuses or vaginas and widening them to extreme degree,[7] as well as scenes wherein he forces them to vomit or blow snot into their mouths or on themselves.[8] Films by Max Hardcore often depict their director and star inflicting apparent pain and humiliation on his co-stars.[9]

Hardcore calls his own material "vile and crazy" and considers that he has been influential on the porn industry, spawning many imitators.[10]

Writer Susannah Breslin, reviewing Hardcore's work, has commented: "In Max Hardcore movies – Pure Max, Hardcore Schoolgirls, Don't Fuck Up My Mommy! – the women are verbally and physically degraded in an unprecedented myriad of ways."[11] The treatment by Hardcore of his female co-stars has been described by several critics as occasionally abusive.[5][12] The tone of Hardcore's work has been considered misogynistic.[13] His films and alleged work methods have reportedly made him relatively unpopular in the porn industry.[14]

On October 5, 2005, while Little was in Barcelona to attend an international FICEB Erotic Expo, the offices of Max World Entertainment were raided by the FBI. Five video titles and the office's computer servers were seized, ostensibly for research toward a federal obscenity indictment or a charge related to the 2257 record-keeping law.

In the execution of the search warrant, one officer accidentally discharged a weapon into the floor of an upstairs office, as the housekeeper was being detained below. No one was injured.

After the FBI raid, Little released the following statement:


In 2007, Little and his company, Max World Entertainment, Inc., were indicted by the United States Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section with five counts of transporting obscene matter by use of an interactive computer service and five counts of mailing obscene matter, relating to five movies[15][16] showing fisting, urination and vomiting.[17] Little was subsequently found guilty on all charges,[17] and sentenced to 46 months in prison.[18] On appeal, the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta, Georgia upheld the conviction, but remanded his sentence.[19] Little began serving his sentence on January 29, 2009.[20][21]

The jury ordered the internet domain to be forfeited but declined to forfeit Little's house in Altadena, California.[17]

Little was originally held at Federal Correctional Institution, La Tuna in Anthony, Texas, a low security correctional facility for men. He was transferred to the management of the Community Corrections Management, Long Beach facility on January 21, 2011 in preparation for his release, and served the final five months of his sentence under house arrest.[22] He is Federal Bureau of Prisons number 44902-112 and was released on July 19, 2011.[23]

Since he has been out of prison, Max stated in a February 2012 interview that he "wants to do good in the world", and has now gone back into the porn industry.[24]

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