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Open Hours 24/7
Address 303 1-8-4 nipponbashi chuoku osakashi
How to Get There? Osaka subway "Nihonbashi Station", leaving the Exit 7.

Go to "love hotel district" of the left. Look to the right, pink opposite the hotel. The third floor of the "old apartment". Here is Holy places of "hoteheal".

"Gekkou Mansion"


Dear Customer. The most popular questions from the foreign guest.

Shop Detail.

It is thanks to the support of the "Customer".

We have won the "shop rating AA" on July 26.

Shop Blog   That of the shop can be best understood.

Visit reservation possible until "30 minutes before coming to the shop."

"Visit & Out call" booking is now available from the "WhatsApp" "Telegram" "WeChat" "e-mail" & "Phone".

◆WhatsApp◆ "+818047913141"

◆LINE◆ "csc-osaka"

◆WeChat◆ "CSC-Tom"  

◆ e-mail ◆

◆ Phone ◆ 81 667864399


Our shop has a "PANEKEN" system and a "member" system.

◆The "PANEKEN" system. 

Boasts the maximum Kansai, the total number of registered more than 500 girls. 

In the shop, you can enjoy the "Photo panel" of girls. 

Of course, the "girl that you liked", it is also possible to nominate. 

Is "reservation required" at the time of coming to the shop.

Please to complete the book at "coming to the shop 30 minutes before."

◆The "Member System". 

Whatever the purpose, to complete the "visit reservation", if you visit.

You are the "possible to get a member of the right".

The application of the 10% discount on the spot.

Please check from the home page for more information.

■ History

Our shop is a "hoteheal" style.

Actually, this style was first appeared in Osaka is this place, is our shop.

That is why they are told as a Holy places of "hoteheal" for the Japanese.

And this "Gekkou Mansion" is the reason to be treated as a Holy places.

"Holy places" in the traditional Fuzoku of Japan.By all means,

please housed in a photograph.

Visitor Reservations are required.


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