Sex Shop - Skopje Massage parlors

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Also Known As Sensual Erotic Massage (Erotska Masaza)
Open Hours
Monday14 - 22
Tuesday14 - 22
Wednesday14 - 22
Thursday14 - 22
Friday14 - 22
Saturday14 - 22
Sunday14 - 22
Address Bulevar Partizanski
How to Get There? Sex Shop. Just opposite the Post Office. It is quite visibly signposted.


Sex Shop in centre, called just Sex Shop. They also offer what the proprietor called "Sensual Erotic Massage". Prices are something like 2000 dinar (35€) / 1 hour. The owner speaks very good English.


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Dimko 16 January 2018
ve zamoluvam za povejke info na : Vi blagodaram
AlkoSkopje 15 March 2016
Zdravo me interesira sto nudite masaza za 2000den i moze broj da mi pisete pratete poraka na ovoj email: fala pozdrav vi posakuvam ubav den

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